List Of Best Free Movie Download sites Online

There are now more ways to watch movies online than ever before. The film industry by their own admission was slow in getting on board the digital bandwagon, but they’re now making up for it by offering content in a variety of ways. No matter what your taste in movies or where you want to watch them there are high-quality options available that also have the advantage of being safe and legal. Here’s a list of some great options for movie downloads.




These three companies have done more than anyone to make premium content available online. In the beginning, the majority of their content distribution was music files but now they’re big players in online downloads of video content including TV shows and movies. There are some sites with free movie streaming no sign up feature means you don’t need to register on these sites.  Their influence on movie distribution will continue to grow in the coming years. An example of this from recent months–movie download sites stepped forward to make the film ‘The Interview‘ widely available after nervous movie theater companies canceled showings after vague threats of terrorist attacks. Look for more films to ‘open’ online in the next few years.

Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store are the content hubs for these companies and primarily target users of iOS and Android mobile platforms. They also have content available for PC and Mac users for viewing at home. Both services have a wide variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries and other types of video programming available for rent or purchase. If you’re looking for a fairly recent release, there’s a strong chance that one of these two will have it.

After building their business on a wide selection and quick delivery of physical products like books and electronics, Amazon has turned their attention to the distribution of digital content. They’ve taken a path similar to Apple and Google–starting with music downloads and now serving an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and other videos. Amazon is another great source for movie downloads offering both purchase and rentals. They also serve a variety of mobile, computer and television platforms.


While Amazon, Apple, and Google are the ‘big players’ in online movie download distribution, there is a growing number of smaller services. These websites often focus on independent films, documentary films or other specialized niches. A couple of excellent sites are CinemaNow and IndiePix Films. These websites arrange distribution deals directly with film producers that give them access to movies that the bigger companies might overlook. Of the two, CinemaNow has a wider selection and more ‘mainstream’ films. As the name implies, IndiePix focuses on independent films–many that viewers could previously find only in big city art theaters.

There are also many websites that specialize in a specific genre of film. The best way to find these is with a Google search since there are just too many genres to cover here. There are movie download sites specializing in every imaginable category of the film including obscure horror films, foreign films and even educational filmstrips from the 1970’s. These websites aren’t great for general browsing but if you’re looking for something that is a narrow and obscure niche they’ll be your best bet.


While there are a growing number of safe and legal sites to download films, there are also ‘bottom feeder’ websites that exist to take advantage of gullible computer users. This reality is often the case with sites that promise free downloads or streaming of newly released films. There are many sites like this online and while there are some that try to serve visitors they are a very small minority. Most of these sites exist to inundate visitors with a flood of sketchy advertising served via pop-ups, pop-unders, and other obtrusive methods.

Unfortunately, sleazy advertising tactics aren’t the worst of it. There are sites–many located in Eastern Europe–that exist only as ‘bait’ to attract visitors who will become the targets of malware, spyware, viruses, and trojans. Best case scenario, you’ll download a virus that will screw up your computer’s operating system and be a hassle to remove. Worst case scenario–you’ll have your personal information stolen and sold on the black market.

With a growing number of safe and legal movie download websites online there’s just no reason to put yourself at risk. They’re also where you’ll find the widest variety of films available at the highest video quality. So sit back and download a movie to watch tonight